David, 1. Bells Palsy, 0.

I went to the doctor yesterday morning, for my follow-up visit.

According to the doctor, he sees a 50% improvement in my face, from last week’s visit.  He said that another 10-12 days, and I will be at 90%.

It’s amazing to go from zero muscle function to being able to drink without a straw, chewing on the right side of my mouth, and being able to smile…even if it is still a little lopsided.

When this happened, I put everything in God’s hands.  I DID still take the antiviral medicine, and the nasty steroid pills (Bleh).  To go from being told that it would take 6 months to recover…to being told that it will take 3 weeks is truly a blessing.


Back to work…

So, after being off work for 10 days, I went back to work on Sunday night.  Because of the onset of the Bells Palsy, I was having problems with my right eye all last week.  My vision has deteriorated by about 20% overall. I attribute it to one half of my forehead hanging down into my field of vision, and pushing the eyeball out of shape a little bit.

The overwhelming issue is the muscles on the left side of my neck. They are pulling my head to the left side, as well as twisting my head to the right a little bit.  I look strange typing at an angle, and it makes working on the computer extremely uncomfortable.

However, I have seen some progress! The right side of my mouth is starting to move a little bit when I try and smile.  Hopefully I’m soon to recover the ability to close my right eye without having to use my finger to do it.  That will be a major step!

Baby steps! With the Grace and Blessings of God, I will recover from this sooner than later.


Hello Dr. Charles Bell.

Several people have asked “what happened” in regards to a picture I posted on Facebook from Chandler Hospital on Friday, June 16th.

Overnight on Tuesday night, I started to feel some numbness on the left side of my mouth. Almost like getting OraGel on your tongue. It was accompanied by light-headedness.

On Thursday morning, I woke up to the feeling that the left side of my face had swollen up. Ok, maybe it’s an allergic reaction to something I ate, or something I encountered on Wednesday. Benadryl should take care of it.

By Friday morning, I realized it was a problem that wasn’t going to magically go away. After a day of running errands, I ended up at the Chandler Regional Medical Center, under the assumption that it would be easier to go there and get seen, than to try to get into my doctor after the weekend, or go to Urgent Care and have them send me off to the ER for tests.

The ER doctor diagnosed me with Bells Palsy, but wanted a CT scan of my head, because of my medical history, just to be sure it wasn’t something worse.

According to the Interwebs, Bells Palsy is named after Charles Bell, the Scottish surgeon who first ascribed the problem as a neurological issue connected to the facial nerve.

Since that Friday, I’ve had a considerable change in my ability to talk, eat and see. Half of my face is dead. No muscle movement at all. It’s hard to eat, hard to drink, and hard to see through my droopy right eye. Not to mention that now I slur my words worse than any drunk you see on Live PD.

The doctor’s say it’s temporary, and should clear up in several weeks. Meanwhile, it’s something I have to deal with.

On the plus side, I have mastered the single arched eyebrow look. And I have the perfect Two-Faced costume.

Well, at least this gives me something to write about.