Quick New Year Update

Back in June, I was afflicted by Bell’s Palsy.  Initially, my doctor told me it would take up to 6 months to recover 90%.  Well, I made 90% within 4 weeks.  However, there are still some lingering effects in my face. Hopefully they clear up.  I look in the mirror, and I have jowls. I look like an old hound dog.


Anyway, Happy New Year to everyone!!!


Here We Go Again

I see we’re in standby mode, waiting for the next “Guess what Trump Did” video to surface. Oh boy, something else to be collectively horrified about.  This man has been in the public spotlight for several years now. How come none of this was made public before?

The recent “locker room talk” media meltdown? It was recorded back in 2005…when he was a Democrat, and donated a lot of money to Democrat candidates. Apparently it wasn’t newsworthy back then.

Save your false horror. More and more of these “horrible videos/recordings” will magically surface between now and November 8th. He will be politically excoriated by the establishment on both sides of the aisle. Continue reading