Basal What?

That phone call from the skin doctor, the one with the words, “two of the biopsies came back negative, but the one on your back is positive basal cell carcinoma.” The “C-Word!”

My doctor wanted me to see a dermatologist about a mark on my head. So, finally I made the appointment (actually my wife did it for me) and showed up to get checked. The doctor checked almost all of me and found three areas of concern. They poked me with Lidocaine and scraped skin off. One spot on the side of my head, one on the side of my nose, and a spot on my back, over the right shoulder blade. The biopsy on my back was the one that came back positive.

So, on Feb 5, 2021, I entered the little room at the skin & cancer center to have some skin removed around “the site.” While they numbed me up and got ready, I asked how much they were taking. I was told that they had to remove everything within 4mm of the affected area. 4 millimeters?!? Ok, I can do this. Oh, and the skin on my back is thicker than skin on other parts of the body. Well, the plug of skin they took out was about 1/4″ thick and shaped in a rough oval. The long part looked to be an inch long and about 1/2 inch wide. It was a large chunk of me!

So, now I recover with a dozen stitches and some Ibuprofen. I go back in 2 week to get the stitches removed. Meanwhile…ouch! Hopefully they got it all and I don’t have to do this again.

No, I’m not going to post pictures of the divot.

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