Back to work…

So, after being off work for 10 days, I went back to work on Sunday night.  Because of the onset of the Bells Palsy, I was having problems with my right eye all last week.  My vision has deteriorated by about 20% overall. I attribute it to one half of my forehead hanging down into my field of vision, and pushing the eyeball out of shape a little bit.

The overwhelming issue is the muscles on the left side of my neck. They are pulling my head to the left side, as well as twisting my head to the right a little bit.  I look strange typing at an angle, and it makes working on the computer extremely uncomfortable.

However, I have seen some progress! The right side of my mouth is starting to move a little bit when I try and smile.  Hopefully I’m soon to recover the ability to close my right eye without having to use my finger to do it.  That will be a major step!

Baby steps! With the Grace and Blessings of God, I will recover from this sooner than later.


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