Here We Go Again

I see we’re in standby mode, waiting for the next “Guess what Trump Did” video to surface. Oh boy, something else to be collectively horrified about.  This man has been in the public spotlight for several years now. How come none of this was made public before?

The recent “locker room talk” media meltdown? It was recorded back in 2005…when he was a Democrat, and donated a lot of money to Democrat candidates. Apparently it wasn’t newsworthy back then.

Save your false horror. More and more of these “horrible videos/recordings” will magically surface between now and November 8th. He will be politically excoriated by the establishment on both sides of the aisle.

Personally, I’ve watched Democrats, and the media, denigrate the common decency and morality in this country for almost 4 decades now. And, it’s been going on for much longer than that. After telling us that our religious views should be banned from the public square, that we’re a bunch of bigoted puritans because of the beliefs we hold about marriage and life, and how morality is subjective, and “not really important,” suddenly, we are faced with the embodiment of these teachings. And now, the communications infrastructure resounds with the howls of fake indignant righteousness.

“How ironic, then, that a culture which rejects moral standards has suddenly become so pure and pristine, sitting in judgment of someone they deem too immoral to become president because of something he said in private. As a logical person, I have to ask these paragons of newly found virtue where this standard by which they’ve judged Trump is found.

“If morality is relative to each individual—a purely subjective experience—by what standard are they judging Trump? Obviously, in such a secular climate, there can’t even be a “standard.”

“Why should anyone listen to people who out of one side of their mouths declare the death of objective moral standards yet out of the other condemn someone for violating objective moral standards?”

D. C. McAllister

And the Republicans? These eunuchs have spent so many years as “the minority” that they’ve forgotten what it means to hold a position, and stand for something.

Not now – wouldn’t be prudent at this juncture.”  How many of you are old enough to remember that catch-line from Saturday Night Live? That seems to have become the mantra of the Republican establishment. In an effort to get along, and be all things to all people, they’ve flushed their claims to morality down the collective crapper.

Why do you think that Trump is such a draw to “average” Americans? He is brash, boastful, and, apparently, financially successful! We’ve been told for years that these traits are sexist, and horribly “inappropriate.” Really? Spend some time in any Blue Collar watering hole in any major city, and you’ll see that same spirit displayed. He also has displayed something else that candidates have lacked for several years now…testicular fortitude.

I just wish the Republicans had put half as much effort into fighting the Democrats as they have into fighting Trump.  Maybe we’d be in a better position, morally and economically.

I remember when elections used to be about ideas. Each side would articulate their ideas and positions, and the people would vote for the best ideas. However, the party in power can’t really honestly point to a positive track record and say “vote for us so we can continue down this path.” And, while the other party had some candidates with good ideas, their historical track record of “go along to get along” has bitten them in thei72387263r collective keisters.

But, what the heck do I know?  I’m just a resident of “Flyover country,” bitterly clinging to my guns and my religion.

When will it end? I don’t know. Smear campaigns are hard to put to rest, and the political establishment in this country has been so successful at it for so long, that the only thing that might change it is a wholesale housecleaning.

“Even presidents have private lives. It is time to stop the pursuit of personal destruction and the prying into private lives and get on with our national life.”

President Clinton, Aug 17, 1998

2016 is not a positive year for the Evangelical voter.  Even the Libertarian is marketing himself as the “Big Johnson in Politics.”  No thanks.  We’ve been overrun by egotistical limp dicks for long enough.

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