Have I Failed My Kids This School Year?

This year, both boys have been enrolled in AZ Virtual Academy, an online-based Charter School.

In hindsight, this was probably not a good idea.  With me working nights, I was not available to work with them during their school days. And on my days off, I couldn’t keep my eyes open enough to be of much support, either.

Part of my responsibility this year was to make sure that they stayed on task, and on target throughout the year.  My Grade…D-

Now they are rushing to catch up with what should have been done earlier, and I need to shoulder most of the blame for them not being done.  To the kids, school is something that needs to be done before they can go off and do other things. With dad only at 40%, it was easy to do the minimum and then let it slide.

Well, they have 48hrs to finish everything up. Where did the year go? Why didn’t I do more? I know I should have, and could have.

So, did I fail my kids this year?  Yeah, I’m pretty sure I did.

And I’m not proud of that fact.


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