Who’s On First?

I’m the type of guy that ESPN hates. I’m not an avid sports fan. I don’t slavishly follow any team; and the last time I watched NASCAR, Rusty Wallace was a driver and not a commentator.

The one sport that I’m interested in, however, is baseball. But it’s a casual acquaintanship between the game and myself. Oh sure,  I understand most of the lingo and jargon. I know what an RBI is; can probably figure out a batting average with a slide ruler and an abacus; & I have a passing acquaintance with the “walk off homerun.”


The biggest problem that I have is understanding pitching stats. How is an ERA figured? What is the difference between a win and a save?

I think it’s time for ConfusinglySimple to dig into the complex world of statistics and phrasology that is baseball.

Hopefully I’m not the only person on the planet that is an idiot when it comes to baseball statistics.

So I’m off to research an uber-idiot’s guide to baseball statistics.


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