Are you killing your own information on Twitter?

This should be one of the first things anybody learns about Twitter! Unfortunately it is usually one of the last.

It is such an importantly vital tip and yet I catch myself doing it several times a week. DMC

Walking the Social Media Beat

Everyday I see lots of great information on Twitter shared by some really amazing people, accounts and agencies.

Some of this information is through running streams, while some comes through lists and more is found from just basic search parameters.

But, one thing that shows up in almost every manner of information curating I see is the inexplicable Tweet that begins with a Twitter ID.   I hear you right now, “Tim, if I am responding to someone, that is exactly how a Tweet should start!”…and I agree with you there.  IF you are responding to someone that is exactly how a tweet should start.

But, what I am talking about is just a basic Tweet, sharing information that begins with a Twitter ID that is not in response to, or mentioning an account for specific attention / purpose.

Limiting your Audience

Here’s what I mean…

Who is the audience for this post?? Who is the audience…

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