Stop It! Please! Just! Stop!

I don’t know who this person is, but they just posted at least three separate photos to Facebook. How do I know this? Twitter told me so.

Yeah, good for you.  You are assuming that your Twitter followers are the same as your Facebook followers, however.

Facebook offers a “wonderful” option to connect your Twitter account, so that every stream of consciousness you post on Facebook is relayed, and posted, to your Twitter account, and vice-versa.

If you’re a teenager, and all of your followers are like-minded, maybe this is a good thing.  However, for the rest of us, STOP IT NOW!

They’re annoying, possibly spam and potentially dangerous. You run the risk of flushing your digital security down the drain if you click the link. Why? Tim Burrows (@t_burrows), an expert on Social Media in Law Enforcement, addresses issues like this all the time:

“With the phishing and spam attacks that are out there, it’s way too easy for someone with negative interests to swap out the good Facebook link with a bad one, so I choose to just ignore it.” IACP Blog, April 18, 2014

If you want to share your pictures from Facebook/Flickr/Picasa/Whatever with your Twitter friends, upload the pictures into an album (very simple to do), and then post a link to the album.

Twitter is not Facebook is not LinkedIn is not Instagram is not…you get the point. While it is easy to link these platforms together, it’s not smart! Something that you post on Facebook could get you fired if it showed up on your LinkedIn account, or destroy your business if posted on Twitter.

If you want to build personal, or brand, legitimacy…be aware of what you post, and where it’s appropriate to post it!


Oh, Tim is also a Sergeant with the Toronto Police Service, and a genuinely nice guy. He tolerates my weird humor on Twitter, too.  Check him out!

And, if you’re curious, those three Twitter posts actually link to different pictures. They’re all G-rated links (I DID check).  Here’s one of them:

Facebook Picture sample




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