Pain, what pain?

Back in 2005, I shattered my left tibial plateau in a work related accident. It took 6 months of healing before I was able to even put weight on my leg, and another 6 months of therapy before I was comfortable walking on it.

CrutchesI still have a lot of issues with that leg, and will probably need a new knee in the not-to-distant future. While I was laid up, I gained a little weight (ok, a lot), and I have not been consistently active enough to burn it off. I’d work out for a while, and then the pain level in my leg would build up so high that it was easier to postpone the exercise…indefinitely. It’s always easier to eat a sandwich than it is to work the calories off.

I’ve belonged to the gym a few times, but my schedule would change and it wouldn’t be convenient to my commute anymore.  Well, now we belong to a gym 5 minutes from home, so I don’t have an excuse.

I found that walking on the treadmill was too hard on my knees, while working the weights left me more sore than happy.  The stationary bike was the only thing I could do consistently.  But, peddling yourself out while not getting anywhere is rather boring, and my legs were sore for the next 24 hours.

Yesterday I decided to chase a basketball around the court for a while, instead of riding. I can’t run, because of the leg and the weight, but I ended up hustling around the court, chasing that damn ball.

At the end of 45 minutes, I knew two things. Chasing that damn ball was more of a workout than anything else I’d done in the past 2 years; and I suck at basketball.

But no residual pain in my legs tonight!  I’m thinking I’ll stick with the basketball workout for a while. Maybe I’ll get a little better, and not embarrass my kids anymore. And, as I lose the weight, I’ll hopefully feel more confident working with my leg.


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