Never Let Facts Get In The Way

The headline screamed out at me yesterday, when I first saw it:

Police: Ohio Man’s Drone Prevents Medical Helicopter from Landing at Crash Scene

But, once you read the actual article, you find out that the headline is, ahem, wrong. Now, with a byline from the Associated Press, I’m pretty certain that JEMS didn’t write the headline.  They just picked it up off the wire, and reposted it. Why? Because JEMS is the Journal of Emergency Medical Services, and the article pertained to them.

Way down in Paragraph 5, in the last sentence, you read that the medical helicopter apparently landed and departed without incident.

That sure doesn’t sound like it was prevented from landing. Also, the FAA does not currently have the legal authority to regulate model aircraft operations, despite calling it a “drone.”

Never let it be said that the media lets minor things, like the facts, get in the way of sensationalist reporting.



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