Too Much Reality in our lives?

Can someone please tell me why I should care about Kim Kardashian (sp), Denise Richards or any number of other bimbos who grace the channels of our TV sets?

Who made these people interesting? Is this the final (hopefully) evolved state of the old “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous” TV show with Robin Leach?

Are our lives so superficially shallow that we need to watch “Real Orange County Housewives” or NY Housewives, or Army Wives, or…well, you get the point. It seems that there is nothing on TV worth watching anymore. There are so many channels on cable now, that they have to contract pure filth and crap to show to viewers or all you would see is a test pattern all day.

If I have to hear more commercials about another singing, plastic surgery performing, OB/GYN tattoo artist in Beverly Hills, I’m going to scream.

Of course, then I could turn on Dr Phil, or Dr Laura, or Oprah, or….

Where’s my prozac?


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