Write WHAT?

Confused Stormtrooper

Blog Content?


If I read one more post about “how to write the perfect blog” I’m going to scream!

I understand the dynamics of it. I understand how SEO works, and all that crap.

What I have the hardest time about is the “write what you know and love” blather. My blog doesn’t have a defined target, theme or direction. Not that I can determine, at least.

When you know, and enjoy, a little bit of everything, how can you define yourself as someone “in the know” about one particular thing?

I don’t feel qualified to bloviate on much of anything, most of the time.

The trick, I guess, is to write when I feel that I know something about something…and don’t wait until the “opportune time” to post.  That’s what scheduling is for.

Time to keep pressing onward.

Photo courtesy of Flickr


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