How can we do it better?

I have determined that there are roughly 35,000 Facebook groups devoted to the city of Maricopa, where I reside. There are 7,000 that are solely devoted to selling, buying, giving away and hoarding stuff. And then, every development in town has their own community group (or 10-12).

There are groups for crime prevention, crime rumor proliferation, and there are probably a few secret ones for crime planning, as well.

All of this data to sift through, and that’s only one Social Media platform.  The PD has one person dedicated as the Public Information Officer.  It is physically impossible for him to do his PIO job, as well as keep an eye on what’s happened digitally in town.

The Block Watch coordinator is trying to get a handle on some of the rumors, but it’s too much for her, too.

I think it’s time to go to the Chief with a proposal for the VIP volunteers. Maybe some of us could help the PIO with the “connecting with the people” details online.

Something has to be done, and failure is not an option. We cannot afford to not engage our customer in their desired mode.

The answer to, “Is that the best you can do…” …is always no.
A better question is, “what resource would enable you to do even better?”

We have the technology, the volunteers and the desire to get it right.  We just need to take the next step.

(Hat tip to Seth Godin’s blog. Also, group count might be slightly exaggerated for dramatic effect.)


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