Sometimes the Good Guys win.

Drunk Driving MemeOn my way to work tonight, I found myself behind a Lincoln Town Car that seemed to want to share everyone else’s lane.

After following the vehicle for a mile, during which time he managed to not sideswipe any cars in either of the lanes he was occupying, I dialed 911 on my phone.

During the 3 mile conversation with the Call Taker, and Dispatcher on the side, the driver managed to cut off two other vehicles, brake check about a dozen times, and swerve from lane to lane. When they finally decided to actually change into a lane, as opposed to just taking half of it, they used their turn signal! (hurray for small victories!)

After 3 miles of weaving and braking, the car suddenly darted into the left turn lane and took off Westbound on Lower Buckeye Rd. Apparently there was another driver on 911 also, because they were able to follow them West.

I left my number with the Call Taker, told them the officers could contact me if they wished, and continued on my way to a gas station and then work.

About 10 minutes later, I received a call from an officer stating that they had stopped the vehicle, and they wanted a brief, verbal statement. I gave it, and he said he would be back in touch with me in a little bit.

30 minutes after that, I received a call from another officer, who asked me all kinds of questions (how many people did I see in the car; could I tell if the driver was male or female, etc). He stated that the driver was a female, and she had admitted to drinking.  He took my address, name, DOB and a more complete statement, and asked if I would be willing to testify as a witness, since my 911 call had formed part of the “probable cause” basis for stopping her.

I said YES!  I can’t stand drunk drivers and the destruction they cause.

I’ll be watching the mail for a subpoena , or a phone call from the Prosecutor’s office.

Sometimes the good guys win.

Thank you Phoenix PD, for a job well done!

PS: This makes up for the 911 call I made on a vehicle, in the same area, who was driving 20MPH in a 40, in the rain.  PPD stopped the car, and then came back to tell me that it was a little grandma who was terrified of driving in the rain, so she was being extra careful.  I felt horrible.

This stretch of roadway is the sole access road to a Indian casino/resort, so there is a lot of “questionable” driving that goes on down there in the evenings and early morning hours. DF


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