Here comes diabetesEarlier in July, I went to the doctor for a regular check-up. Part of that involved them drawing blood for testing.

Normally, I get a pretty generic call from the doctor’s office a couple of days later (Everything looks good. You’re cholesterol is still high, etc…).  This time it was short and not-sweet. The doctor wanted to see me in the office, immediately.

Bad news. My cholesterol was where it normally was (still too high) but my blood sugar was WAY UP! I’m talking about 5 points below officially Diabetic. Shoot.

Cut the carbs, increase the protein. Get back to exercising more often. Oh, eating more protein will increase your Uric Acid levels and lead to Gout. However, it also will help you lose weight faster, reduce your blood sugar levels down, and make you healthier.  All except for that “gout thing.”

So, now, in addition to the blood pressure, cholesterol and asthma medication, I now have a little pill for sugar level and one for uric acid level.  And I need to take more Vitamin D.

At least I am not diabetic. That one would be hard to handle. Time to get my life back in order.


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