Social Media in Emergency Management

Some key reasons on why Emergency Management needs to participate in Social Media, and take it seriously.

If the primary mission of government emergency management is providing service, achieving outcomes, and stimulating participation in emergency management efforts, then some of the key benefits that social media may provide towards this mission are:

  • Saving lives through rapid communication.
  • Communicating (more) effectively and directly with constituents.
  • Reaching a larger group of constituents.
  • Building situation awareness.
  • Responding to new, incorrect or conflicting information.
  • Building community resilience through prevention, mitigation, and preparedness efforts by the promotion of government participation and building mutual trust in the community.
  • Fostering transparency and accountability.
  • Reducing call volume (wired and cell) to call centers (non-emergency and emergency).

Excerpt from FEMA/EMI Course IS-42, Social Media in Emergency Management.


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