Vacation 2009 – Day Whatever

Help! I’m being held prisoner in a small room in a foreign country.

Actually, it’s not that bad. We stayed in Mazatlan the first night and then traveled on to Puerto Vallarta area where we shacked up in an all-inclusive for the night, our beachfront plans having changed at the last minute.

Then, we packed up and drove to Guadalajara, where we’ve been since Sunday afternoon. Staying with family is always fun, but it is cheap. Good food and lots of Mexican city traffic. So far the count is me 1 – taxi drivers 0.

Sunday we’re headed back north again to do it all in reverse (minus the Puerto Vallarto sidetrip).

Next year, I’m going to San Diego. Whew.

I’m posting pictures online as often as I can get high-speed internet access that’s worth a darn. The rest of them will have to wait until we get home.

Our 2009 Vacation Photos. Updated as we get them cataloged and remember where we took them at.


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