Prop 102

Such a simple little item on the ballot. “Only a union of one man and one woman shall be valid or recognized as a marriage in this state.”

You should hear the screaming hissy fits people are throwing against it though. There are people out there screaming that it would place discriminatory language into the Arizona Constitution. So, it’s ok to discriminate in the Arizona Revised Statues, but not in the Constitution?

It’s already the law in Arizona. Unfortunately it was the law in California too, until a judge decided it wasn’t.

It’s the same as the proposition we voted down in 2006. No it’s not. That one tried to be all-encompassing and regulate domestic partner benefits, etc. This one doesn’t.

The groups opposed to this are throwing everything they can at it, hoping something will stick.

My feeling? Pass it. It’s already in the law. If you are opposed to having this passed, you apparently want to change the law sometime in the future?

The sky is falling…the sky is falling. Oh my. Stop whining. Look at your REAL motivations and express those. Stop with the platitudes and what you think is politically correct to say. Tell us why you REALLY don’t want it to pass. Oh, you can’t do that? Why not?


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