Give Me a Break

Can a movie that lampoons everything that Liberal America holds dear get a fair shake in the movie reviews?

“An American Carol” ranks number two on my “Must See Immediately” list, right behind the new Disney movie.

There is nothing liberal and sacred in this film, from what I can see in the trailers and read in the early reviews. There was even some irritation from one reviewer that the movie opened without any press screenings. The ungodly indignity of it all. Imaging the reviewer having to rub elbows with Joe Sixpack. How will he ever get the Coke stains off his tie?

Quickly running through a list of reviews posted online, I don’t see anything that says this movie is worth seeing. As a matter of fact, the actors are mentioned as “the usual Hollywood Republicans,” in the same manner one would say “B Actors.”

I am willing to make a bet that this “liberal witch hunt in court jester clothing,” surprises the Hollywood know-it-alls and does very well in the theaters of flyover country.


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