Colorado Senate Bill 200

Coed Bathrooms in school? Mandated in Colorado, now! According to a group calling themselves “Equal Rights Colorado,” the pushed a bill through the Colorado legislature that they describe as follows:

“Introduced by Sen. Jennifer Veiga and Rep. Joel Judd, SB 08-200 will expand language prohibiting discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation, including transgender status, in housing practices, public accommodation, eligibility for jury service, availability of family planning services, as well as many other areas.
“This is a chance to update the current laws in order to have consistency and predictability in the way Colorado’s anti-discrimination laws are applied. It will also add sex, marital status, disability, age, national origin, ancestry and religion as needed.
“We must be sure to have protections not only against blatant acts of discrimination that occur, but also against the subtle discrimination that remains so pervasive.”

Sounds wonderfully benign, doesn’t it? How could anyone be against discrimination? It is now illegal to discriminate against one’s sexual orientation. They include the “subtle discrimination” of segregated restrooms and locker rooms, for one thing.

Search google for the Bill number and you’ll find all sorts of information that will make your skin crawl if you have small children.

God help us and protect us.


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