Into the darkness

Nasty little storm just South of Phoenix.

What is this thing called rain? Just south of Phoenix, on I-10 is a little community known as Bapchule. It is located on the Gila River Indian Reservation and is about half-way between Phoenix and Casa Grande (or 1/4 of the distance between Phoenix and Tucson).

As I approached Bapchule this morning, I drove through a waterfall. It was raining so hard I could barely see the road in front of the hood of the truck. The windshield wipers didn’t stand a chance. The water was coming down so fast it was pooling on the highway faster than it could run off. So we’re all doing obscenely excessive rates of speed in ZERO visibility conditions. Luckily I didn’t get rear-ended by another truck as I slowed down, and we were through the storm front after about a mile.

The picture is the view out the windshield on the way back toward Phoenix from Casa Grande. It was a glorious weather pattern, even though it totally messed up the afternoon traffic.


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