6 Months For Statutory Rape?

Can someone explain the difference between a female teacher raping a student and a male teacher raping a student?

Today a female teacher was sentenced to 6 months jail time for having a ongoing sexual affair (read statutory rape) with a student.

If a male teacher did that (and they do regularly, unfortunately) the newspapers would be calling it rape (which it is) and howling for his manhood to be removed with a fork and dropped in a meat grinder, with the rest of him to soon follow.

When it’s a man doing it, it’s “sexual assult,” “rape” or harrassment. When it’s a woman, suddenly the style book changes and it’s a “sexual relationship.”

How come we change the words when it is a female adult who takes advantage of a child? I don’t care how “hot and sexy” someone looks, if they are under 18, they are a child and you are a sick individual. Statutory Rape is still rape and that’s what it is when they are underage.


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