Tuesday Musings

This afternoon the boys have a dentist’s appointment. My wife had an early shift this morning so I drove her to work and the boys to school. They both are about 20 miles from the house. Since she cannot drop the boys off at school until 6:30, that doesn’t leave her enough time to get to work and catch up on the gossip/chatter/news like she insists she must.

The school that the boys attend offers morning and afternoon programs so parents who work don’t have to worry about Latch-Key Kid syndrome. But it doesn’t start until 6:30am, and runs through 6:00pm.

I’m getting ready to head out and pick up the kids from school and deposit them at the dentist for their semi-annual check-up. My main objective here is to stay as far from the exam chair as I can. I still have a fear of dental drills, left over from my childhood.


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