Once A Year Christians?

Can someone explain the arrogance that seems to say to a person, “you only need to go to church on Easter Sunday to get your ‘Jesus card’ punched for the year?”

Do they think that’s all it takes? I went to a Sunrise service at a park near me and about 30 people showed up. There was a singer from Australia who performed. It was nice. Later on in the morning, I decided to accompany my wife to Mass (I’m not Catholic, she is). We couldn’t even get close enough to hear the readings because of the “Once A Year Catholics” who were there.

Oh well, we’ll try again next week. Maybe by then things will be back to normal, sadly. The ultimate testimony would be for the church to be packed like this every Sunday. But, unfortunately that doesn’t happen. There are the few faithful members and then there are the fair-weather once a year types.

Which type are you?


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